Time  or  a

Right-of-way argument

has done your boat in


Whether you want to

do it all yourself

or have the plant

lend a hand,  

the Rhodes

Parts and Services site

is here to bring your

Rhodes back as a



Easier to sail Rhodes

than you had ever

known before.


Ready to Upgrade?  Between your trade in credit and your Coop's Financial Aid Division, a more recent Rhodes beauty may be waiting for you at the plant or on your  Coop's  Rhodes Market Exchange; a stand alone web site exclusively for Rhodes buyers and Rhodes sellers to freely get together.                    .                                        

fun facts:

 How  many molds would you guess are 

  used to build a Rhodes?   If you came up

  with 30, you win the teddy bear. Actually

  34  molds.  No competitor comes close. 

   You know that millions of  cars are built,

   vs in the  low thousands for boats.  You

   know that of this tiny boat number very

   few are sailboats.  What company in the  

   world is going to keep molds for turning

   out a now and then  sailboat part order,  

   other  than the builder of that sailboat .. 

    IF IT IS   Still in production.      

You  are going to love this site.
    It is simple, clear and intuitive.  No dead ends, no bodies in  motion, no pop ups;
    nothing to frustrate the mission that brought you here.   After a quick glance  at
    Newsy Stuff,  "CONTENTS" will  take  you,  to  what you came for.   No alphabet    

    index to wade through.  Not even a search box to type into,  so no fear of saying    

    you need the gizmo that the hiking stick locks into and  getting  a  message  back    

    chastising your semantics.

    This site uses GB's  "related to"  system  because it goes with everything  Rhodes

    Let's say that all you know is the part you are looking for has to do with handling

    sails.  All you need do is click on the "Related to Sail Control" box on the Contents

    page. And there it is.  And maybe along with a part you did not know you needed;

    a co-part  that makes both parts  work better,  together.  Great.  And you did it all  

    without needing to know each part's medical name.​​

General Boats Official Rhodes 22 parts site:  "the place to come to keep going​"   

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for  New Options,  Upgrades and   Flash Sale offers. 

Non ROC members please note:

   This is your ROC site for a host of Rhodes specialty items to add to your must have wish list.   Pick a favorite or two that you will find on this site and start dropping Christmas and Birthday hints to your crew.   Maybe it's the Rhodes  Life Rails, far superior to Life Lines, for crew, guests, even your own access to your Rhodes' wondrous bow deck chaise lounge sunning. 

   Or a Pop Top Enclosure with its standing head room,  cross ventilation, screens included, to broaden your sailing horizons.    Find other site gift suggestions not to be found anywhere else.

This is the Rhodes Owners Cooperative's site (ROC) for whatever Rhodes 22 parts you need,

 New or Used:  A rudder clutch knob to an IMF mast replacement)  to have you sailing  STAT.

This is your authorized site for Rhodes PLANT SERVICES when you feel you would rather someone else do it.  

There are few jobs the plant can't do when it comes to fiberglass repairs and finish.  Want a new hull color for next season ?   (Good way to get free winter storage.)   But he wants Red  and you want Green?   No problem, just tell us who gets Starboard and who gets Port.  


You are welcome to browse, survey, window-shop this site for whatever value it may prove to be for you; but you should know that it is a web site dedicated solely for members of the Rhodes Owners Cooperative in fulfilling their needs for Rhodes Parts and Services.  If you are not a current member of the Coop you can learn about it, and join should you want, by going to: ​​​​​​​  http://www.usedrhodes.com/owners-coop.html