GB71          TRANSOM BOARDING LADDER                                                        

 GB21         Aft Lower Shroud   Fork fitting on top.

                   Threading fitting on bottom.                                                             


       GB35                Genoa Winch Clam Cleat

GB82              SOLAR PANEL  10 watt, sized for Rhodes mounting

Copyright  by General Boats.  All rights reserved;

  GB48         LAZARET  HATCH​                                                                                  

 Part #                            PARTS  RELATED  TO:                                                                                                                                                                        





             Path Two: Sheet outside forward lower and      

           inside upper shroud to fair lead and Cam Cleat

           on aft side of cabin trunk.        

  GB69           BOW PULPIT



               A General Boats product available thru ROC membership.

               Includes an aluminum tube with offset sail slot,  top and

               bottom bearings.  Bottom furling drum assembly with a

               free wheeling slotted furling line guide to prevent line

               from leaving drum and fouling.                                                              

       GB32                Genoa Track End

 GB49        MOTOR   TROLLEY                                                                              

    GB34               Genoa Winch​ Handle

                             Other Sail Control Hardware

GB39      These small fair leads 

GB40      along with these small cam cleats

GB41      along with these spring supported small stand up blocks

GB42      along with one small fair leads mounted on a block to

                bring it on level with its cam cleat, are replacements for

                a)   Genoa furling line hardware.

                b)   Boom Topping Lift line hardware and for

                c)   Future additions such as GB's Self Tending Jib. 

 GB79             AC SHORE POWER RECEPTICLE starboard cabin trunk

Do you know what you are looking at?

You are under water looking at a

conventional Rhodes centerboard.

One of the advantages of a still in production boat is living and learning.

In the mid eighties GB began working  on a different kind of cb, based on the work of navel architect Nils Lucander.  GB named their version the Diamondboard.

(see  "Services" page for view)

Advantages of the diamondboard:

Less draft.  Simpler maintenance.

Readily self retracts when striking anything; cannot push up and fracture the trunk cap.


GB23            IMF Sally Sail Main.  Note: This sail is made to GB's

                proprietary specifications.  If purchased elsewhere it is

                not covered by any GB guarantees.  

GB24           175%  FURLING  GENOA    

                Self Cover. Window. Sheet angle indicator. Air Flow

                indicators.  Leech and foot control lines.                                                                                                     

  GB30                Genoa Car  on track

  GB63           RUDDER CLUTCH KNOB tensions blade for remaining

                       fully lowered yet retracts on encountering anything.

 GB47        SLIDING  HATCH                                                                                     


  GB74            BOOM ROOM   (not ready for prime time)            under                   

ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS:  Many parts for the Rhodes AC and DC systems may be had from box or marine stores.  Those few offered here are better ordered here in that they may best match cut outs and screw holes in your boat. 

                SAIL CONTROL HARDWARE      

                   * IMF MAIN SAIL *   info: 

  GB67           CABIN TOP HANDRAILS                                     The set               

 GB25           130%  FURLING  GENOA   

                 Self Cover.   Window.  Sheet angle indicator.                                      ,                            

 GB62          RUDDER CLUTCH PARTS other than knob.

GB68          CABIN TRUNK BOARDING GRAB RAILS         The set 

   GB31               Genoa Track






  GB46​        POP  TOP                                                                                                   

 GB50         ROPE  TRAY                                                                                             

 GB43        RHODES 22'S Stunning all GLASS TILLER                                      


      GB10          IMF MAST

                      A General Boats product only available for ROC members.

                      Includes:  GB  IMF extrusion with:

                      4 sheave mast top fitting with 2 upper shroud tangs,  

                      Connections for jib and double back stays assembly.

                      SS spreader sockets with tangs for 4 lower shrouds.

                      Side cleats for specialty sails.                                                                                                




          GB28            IMF Outhaul Car

​                          A General Boats product available thru ROC membership.

                          Maintenance free,it has an ownership lifetime guarantee. . 
                          Unlike other in-mast furling systems, the car's hard clew

                          sail connection (Included) allows any draft wanted with no

                          decoupling of the sail and boom planes, thus multiplying

                          the traveler's productive role in pointing performance.    

GB64           AFT RUDDER HEAD CLEAT for holding blade up at any

                    angle.  Good for sculling. 

          GB26            Boom Block

                          With becket And swivel snap shackle top for one step less

                          easier and faster mast raising and lowering. 

          GB27            Fiddle Block

                          With integrated main sheet cleating.  




The Rhodes has 9 stays:  1 jib stay, 2 back stays, 2 upper

shrouds and 4 lower shrouds. (Stays that support a mast

port and starboard are referred to as shrouds.)  There are

5 comforting scenarios for the 9 stays:  Jib stay failure?   2

forward lower shrouds keep mast from falling on the crew.

4 lower shrouds = no mast pumping (important with IMF).

9 supports work in synergy, limiting the mast's sideways movement when going through the mast raising arc.  The

2 back stays  make  possible  a  novel  shock  absorbing

traveler design  that transforms 'Coming About' from a

'No. No', to a useful alternate coming about option.

Plus, double back stays make for rapid jib stay tensioning.                             

GB58          PINTILE, UPPER

GB59          PINTILE, LOWER

                      RUDDER  HEAD  ASSEMBLY

Most all parts are only available from General Boats.

The glass tiller and rudder blade are both listed in the Fiberglass Parts section.  Each inserts, attaches and pivots between the rudder cheek plates with a 3/8" machine screw.



  GB75            BIMINI​   vinyl/fabric.   GB's variable positioning design                                                                 

  GB76            INTERIOR CUSHIONS                                  6 piece set

 GB72            HINGED MAST STEP TABERNACLE                                              

                                 SAIL CONTROL HARDWARE 

                               *   GENOAS   *    info

             Supply houses carry fair leads and cleats that will

             suffice for genoa sail control. However, and this

             goes for other hardware, GB hardware may align

             with holes in boat so no finish repairs required.

             The Rhodes genoa controls offer 3 lead paths.

             Elect the ideal sheet path for course and weather.

             Path One:  Sheet outside 3 shrouds to Genoa Car

             on genoa Track atop gunnel and to Genoa Winch.​

 GB13         IMF FURLING TUBE  

                A General Boats product only available for ROC members.

                This GB IMF Furling extrusion has an offset sail slot,

                top & bottom bearings and two sail mounting eye straps.

                (If replacing the IMF main sail, important to use one 

                obtained from GB for proper operational use.)                                      



  These, and many other stainless steel parts, are

  custom made products fabricated for the Rhodes

  sailboats and available thru ROC membership. 

 (  To be continued.  A lot more parts go into

          a Rhodes 22.  Plus new ones are a-coming. )

         PRICE             ORDER.



      GB17        Jib Stay.   Eye fitting on top.  Fork fitting on bottom   

      GB18        Back Stay Assembly.  Two stays.  

                        Attached blocks for jib stay tension.

                        Attached cups for traveler assembly

                        Eyes on bottom for transom adjusters.

      GB19         Upper Shroud.    Fork fitting on top,

                         Threaded fitting on bottom.                                               

      GB20         Forward Lower Shroud.   Fork fitting on top.  

                         Threaded fitting on bottom.                                         






GB78            COCKPIT FILLER CUSHIONS    closed cell   4 piece set                

     A boom block with becket And snap shackle, attaches to

     one of two rotating tangs at the aft end of boom.    A

     fiddle block with cam cleat, attaches to the car of GB's

     inventive, continuous line, cleat less, traveler .  A hard

     connected sail clew fixes to an outhaul car in boom slot.  

     The totally of this GB sail control hardware results in a

     dramatic upgrading of pointing ability performance.  


 GB45        RHODES 22'S  RUDDER BLADE​                                                           



    GB44        RHODES 22'S  DIAMONDBOARD                                                       








  GB60         MOTOR LINKAGE CLIP for when not in use.  

  GB61          SPACERS FOR CHEEK PLATES  set of 3  


GB36                Genoa Winch Clam Cleat Wedge

GB57          ​GUNTALS                                                  the pair. . .

GB38                  Genoa sheet Cam Cleat, large



   GB37                  Genoa sheet Fair Lead, large

 GB22         Turnbuckle   Open barrel

 2 K





GB54          TILLER LOCK BOX  Locks hiking stick on course for no

               hands sailing.  Recessed installationin, port or starboard.

 GB70           TWO SECTION STERN RAIL                                                                                 $1,395

 GB77            COCKPIT CUSHIONS   closed cell                 3 piece set               

  GB12         IMF BOOM

                  A General Boats product only available for ROC members.

                  Includes: Mating goose neck for IMF Boom Slider, exit 

                  slot for IMF furling line, aft top turning block for IMF out-

                  haul line's turning for path through boom to underside

                  continuous locking vertically mounted cam cleat.  Cast

                  aft boom extrusion fitting with two rotating tangs:  

                  One for topping lift line.  One for main sheet boom block.                

  Path Three: Sheet outside forward lower shroud, inside upper and aft lower shrouds to large fair lead and large cam cleat atop of aft cabin trunk. 

Use same two parts numbers: GB37 and GB38.

GB73            POP TOP ENCLOSURE   (a cruising must)      installed  


                A GB product, only available thru ROC membership.

               This assembly has 3 bearing levels at the lower end of the

               IMF furling tube.  The boom slider face plate houses the

               spring pin for automatically locking boom ar hight wanted,

               provides docking for boom goose neck and is home to the

               internal shelf for the bottom furling tube bearing.  The sail's

               center of effort is set by the boom height elected.                                                                     


GB51         SINK                                                                                                        

 GB53          HIKING STICK  adjustable for use anywhere in cockpit.

                Comes with tiller retaining clip for when not being used.  


   all Rhodes glass parts are in house products made to

                         order for ROC members

       GB29            GB  TRAVELER INVENTION

                       A General Boats product available thru ROC membership.

                       5' ss bar with all hardware mounted and ready to use. 

                       Requiring no cleats. it is positioned by a single continuous

                       push or pull control line from port or starboard seating.  

    GB33                Genoa Winch

 GB66           LIFE RAILS   ( not your wimpy Life Lines )       The set  

Find your part needed by thinking what it is related to

           GB15          POP TOP SLIDER.

                           A General Boats product available thru ROC membership.

                           This part, in effect, is one of the three legs that support

                           the raised Pop Top.  The fact that the forward "leg" slides

                           in the mast slot guarantees the security of the pop top's

                           fore and aft movement.  It is machined from solid plastic

                           block and has only two installed elements:  A spring pin

                           assembly that automatically locks at the proper height 

                           when raising the Pop Top.  And a "U" bracket that secures

                           the Pop Top to the pop top slider and thus to the mast.                                                                             

  GB52         DIAMONDBOARD TRUNK  CAP​                                                         

      "SOFTWARE"   relates to items such as:

​the Pop top enclosure, Bimini and Cushions.

 GB11         SPREADERS    set of two with adjustable presser tips.