Copyright © general boats. All rights reserved..

Copyright © general boats. All rights reserved.


If you like to show off  sailing onto your  trailer,  GB's wide end, ferry boat docking like receiver makes you

look even better than you are.   And,  in case you are not,  your  cushioned  fiberglass  bow receiver  avoids

a lot of painful hull repairs.

         Only 39, this young Rhodes knew where to get proper-fit backstays fast.

                            Who would want to miss a day sailing Belize waters.

                                The Rhodes 22 Parts and Services web site;

                                          the place to come to keep going.

  Interestingly enough, this monster sail inspired us to come up with a tiny

                                    Self Tending Jib Option

for the skipper who likes to sail single handed, no matter how many 

hands on board.  Sorry no picture yet but hint: It is built around two

different size  radii  so that  the  draft  in  the sail  sets  automatically

to the captain's  notion  as to  what  is  best for  weather and course.  

And when not on duty this happy helper disappears, boom and all 

leaving your clean, unencumbered foredeck, just as it found it.

​Ready for Spring outfitting?  Start off with the Rhodes new kind

of  Self  Tending  Jib.  ROC  members  low  introductory  $1,095 includes: Sail,  Boom,  Lines and all  Deck  and  Mast Hardware.




  Until we can show you an unencumbered photo of the Rhodes exclusive all glass tiller that

       expresses it artistic beauty and wondrous feel, we will we will rely on eavesdropping:

most recent recipient:        "it arrived.  It's BEAUTIFUL".

the plant:                              "It is also a great lethal defense weapon".

our enthusiastic Rhodie:    "Perfect, I was wondering what I had handy 

                                                 to ward off pirates".

the plant, reading minds:    No, they are not more costly than wood.

                                                   They last for a lifetime:  Mine.                                                 


                          RE THE RHODES ALL NEW OUTHAUL CARS.

              You will have to live with it to know the difference so again an eavesdropping:

 most recent recipient:    "I question why I ever second guess the Oracle of

                                             Rhodes22.  The large carabiner, a perfect answer. 

                                             The length of the carabiner provides the perfect

                                             angle to the clew of the sail.  With the old system,

                                             the shackle tended to pull the clew downward.

                                             Also, the heavy weight of the carabiner provides

                                             the advantages that it will never ever fail plus its

                                             weight helps reduce the flapping you mentioned." 

           The plant:                It is not good engineering.  It is what we do; keep

                                               trying 'til we get it right.

             the price:                   No.  It did not go up.  Actually the new design ends

                                                up costing less, with its lifetime guarantee for your

                                                ownership of your boat.