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WHITE    The least requested color selection.   A white Rhodes has become a rarity, prompting a small but intense new interest.

For now white remains our least selected color  .

STANDARD  HULL  COLOR  CHOICES   * other colors available *

  GBS3           HULL PAINTING  (see colors, bottom of page)

                       Patching, finishing,. priming, fade proof painting.                   

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So when you are ready for a change of scenery, pick the next hull color you want, and relax. 

                                         These days You and GB can always change it .         

  (please advise services you would like added.)

Mention GREEN and the reaction 

is negative.  That is until one sees a green Rhodes.  The Green we found, simply becomes a Rhodes.   So much so, that green is now moving up close on the heels of second choice: 

Envelope please. 

In the beginning all Rhodes were white.

Then one fine day a doctor from Nantucket

 reminded us it was his toy and he had

 to have Dark Blue, never mind the sun

 or our promise that color fades. He won.

 It came out a knock out, everyone had to

Go .                        NAVY

It became and remains the number one hull color selection.  That left no choice but to learn how to keep such richly colored hulls from fading.  

So we did.


Copyright © general boats. All rights reserved.

Copyright © general boats. All rights reserved.

the place to come to keep going.

examples of 4 standard hull colors.



Free off season storage can make bringing your boat to the plant a no-brainer, maybe even profitable..



                                   Hull preparation including minor repairs.

                                   New Water Line Stripe.

                                   One coat Anti-Fouling premium paint.

  GBS2          Note:    Epoxy barrier coat for raw polyester hulls.    

Copyright © general boats. All rights reserved.

Two refurbishing works in progress. 

The Rhodes to the left offers a rare opportunity to see the working end

of a  diamondboard that, big as it is. takes up no cabin living area. 

If you find yourself ever opting for Plant anti-fouling service, you can also opt for including the centerboard trunk interior and full diamondboard recoating.

Amazingly the Rhodes hull is so stiff it can levitate like this.

The four Rhodes body parts

to consider refurbishing when

you are ready to turn back the aesthetic clock.

DIY with PARTS from this parts site,  OR  have

SERVICES from this sevrice site do what you would rather not:

new rub rail

new water line stripe

new bottom paint

and your new hull color,

make any old Rhodes, new again.​

Favorite second place goes to the most beautiful shade of  RED that critical Rhodies have ever seen. It is the one hue and intensity of red that sinners are sorry they have to pass on.  Rhodes Red turns the Rhodes into a stand our in every marina a Red Rhodes calls home.  

Still, the super star remains  untouchable Navy, thanks to a doctor who knew the toy he wanted and the color he wanted it, those long years ago.